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the blank phase
09/12/2015 | 0 comment[s]

First of all,Taylor Swift please don't sue me I'm not copying your masterpiece song,Blank Space®. I'm totally lving in the blank phase because me,a very poor and lazy 16 year old teenager who will trun 17 this Christmas is having the most bored and blank phase in her life.

Before SPM ends,I already have a lists of the things i want to do during this 4 month break.But,kita manusia hanya mampu merancang.....I'm end up doing nothing that make me proud of myself.I just spend my day by sitting on my bed with my one and only boyfriend,my prescious laptop till 5am in the morning and repeat.Maybe,the re is a day that i will go out and socialize with real human (my mum almost thought that I'm crazy because I'm talking to my laptop) and also breath in the polluted air from the outside world(HELLLO FROM THE OTHERSIDE!!!)

The main reason why I becomng a ery great potato couch (or bed?) because all of my plans is ruin from enrolling cooking class to find a part time work everything is ruin.My one and only hope is my driving classes that will start next month.Other than that is,me embracing my inner introvert self oh i love being productive oh my my.

song recommendation:
In The Rain - Lee Honggi
You Are My Life - FT Island (pls watch their mtv unplugged vers!!)
Love Yourself- Justin Bieber
forhim- Troye Sivan ft allday