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Leaving School
14/11/2015 | 0 comment[s]


Dulu form three sibuk "bilalah nak habis sekolah bosan ah sekolah sini" and again bila dapat offer asrama sekali lagi aku reject lol (nampak sangat aku tak ingat kes dudk asrama 8 jam je then blah)

form three me and vee omg muka baik
But bila form 5 ni bila ingat hari nak spm makin dekat i feel very sappy, sad and happy at the same time. Sad because that's mean i will leave my beloved classmates,teachers,friends,library,the kind juniors and my classroom.Apatah lagi 2015 is the best year for me from my pbsm international camping,Sahfiq's birthday party and a lot of memorable programs held by my school.I'm living my 2015 very well! Everything goes well and fun.The tought that maybe i wont meet my classmates also make me feel sad because they are my other family for this two year and they are the kindest and funniest classmates i ever had especially my deskmates. We will laugh our ass of almost setiap masa because almost everyone in my class wil lauging over simple things lmaoooo.

And also banyak gila kenagan with my bestfriends at my school (library to be exact)
 because kita orang lain kelas,all of them is in pure science class while me in account stream class so kita orang memang spend time kebanyakan dekat library (that's why 40% my instagram pics are taken at my library) and the funniest part is all of us lah yang pegang jawatan tertinggi and me is the head of pps but,we really breaking the rules.Makn maggi,perang bantal guna kusyen sofa,tengok 2d1n sambil key in data nilam lol pelik gak macam mana kita orang tak kantoi? Maybe because kita orang rajin and baik walaupun nakal tahpa masha allah? Maybe.
syahrin the new ketua pps for the next year,yana,vee,nazihah,liyana and me

After all im very happy during my five year of schooling at my school,SMK Datuk Menteri is the witness of how im growing during the golden time of my life,teenage year. It's really sad to leave my beloved DM actually but I cant wait to see where is my next station of my life.