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half phase of spm
14/11/2015 | 0 comment[s]


It's been a while im updating my blog and writing stuff that related to my daily life (i promise im gonna start updating frequently but lol my follower ada lagi ke yg rajin baca blog ni? hahahahahah)

So,currently im really enjoying my 7 days gap break from spm by procrastinating lmaoooooooooooo.Ok, actauly im not that procrastinating i spend the whole weeks b studying about 10 minute and then i watch return of superman bcs katanya nak khatamkan epsiode yg missed dulu psst alasan walhal semangat nak study takde sebab next paper is paper math.

Urgh why even math exist

For paper sebelumnya which is,bm,english and sejarah alhamdullilah everything is okay but bahasa melayu is so susah dahlah tak pernah dapat bm A ,bila tengok soalan esei rasa macam like ergtyjhkblrfdsjhgrfjkds wthat the heck all of this question and for english soalannya sama susah macam paper trial so alhamdullilah semoga boleh dapat A+heheheheheheh

and sejarah...............
god,everyone keep saying that the questions are hard but for me its okay but just a lil bit confusing so its okay tapi kalau ramai kata soalan susah means graf tinggi kan?

ok bye i know this post is so lame but im so bored